Monsoon Water Damage Phoenix AZ

caution stormy weather ahead

There’s A Storm A Comin; Are You Ready?

Are you and your Phoenix home ready for the summer heat and monsoon? Even though you live in the desert, monsoon winds and rain can cause severe property and water damage. Make sure your home is ready for the unpredictable weather that comes with the upcoming monsoon. Frequent home inspections and regular maintenance upkeep could help prevent unwanted damage to your Phoenix home when the winds blows and the skies open up. Here are a few suggestions for you to check starting with your roof. . . Check for missing or loose shingles or tiles, look for cracks or punctures in the roof. If you have a roof mounted cooler or AC unit, check for any signs of corrosion. Check the seals around vents and chimney if you have one and while you’re up there don’t forget the gutters! Inspect siding, windows and doors and replace caulking or weather seal if needed. Look around the foundation and concrete slabs for cracks or signs of staining, deterioration or crumbling.

Indoors you could have water damage and not even know it. Check for any amount of standing water around appliances. Inspect the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom. Look inside cabinets, check the pipes, fittings and connections. Look around your garage for possible leaks and don’t forget the water heater. Check the water and ice line for the refrigerator. Look for signs of water damage like staining, rust or a musty smell. Prevent the buildup of moisture, humidity and condensation in the laundry and bathroom by installing and/or making sure exhaust fans are working properly. Inspect around the toilet to make sure the seal has not started to deteriorate and no leaks are present.

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