Water Damage Restoration Glendale AZ

Water damage

Water Damage Requires Immediate Attention

No matter how your Glendale home has been exposed to water damage it requires your immediate attention and a professional. We are a full service restoration contractor and can help you with any water emergency you have. Time is crucial in helping to reduce the destructive effects of the water damage. If you have standing water you want to get it extracted and the contents and structure dried ASAP to reduce damage and loss and prevent mold growth. We have certified technicians on standby 24 hours a day, ready to help at a moments notice. Our experts arrive at your property within 60 minutes prepared to handle any situation. We take control, start the restoration immediately. We work quickly to get your Glendale property back to its pre-water damaged condition so you can get back on schedule and put this unfortunate experience behind you.

Be extra cautious if you have water damage that has happened over time, there’s always the chance mold could be present. If not addressed, mold becomes a serious problem that can threaten your homes structural integrity, its contents and your health. Mold remediation should be done by an experienced professional. Don’t attempt to wipe over the problem with a rag and some bleach, it does not kill the mold and the spores could become airborne and spread throughout the environment. If you think your Glendale home could have a mold problem call us immediately. Don’t wait another day, when help is just a call away.